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Experience the Unfiltered Creativity at TrindieFest - Where Independent Films Shine Bright!

Unleash Your Creative Spirit at TrindieFest - The Ultimate Hub for Independent Filmmakers and Screenwriters!

At TrindieFest, we don't just showcase films; we ignite passions and elevate dreams to reality.

Join us in the heart of Southeastern Colorado for an unforgettable experience filled with inspiration and innovation. 

Our mission is simple: empower independent artists to soar beyond boundaries and conquer the silver screen!

TrindieFest: Truly Independent

Welcome to the Trinidad Independent Film Festival, where creativity meets independence in the heart of Southeastern Colorado. Our festival, known as TrindieFest: Truly Independent, is a celebration of filmmakers and screenwriters who dare to be different.

At TrindieFest, we don't just showcase films; we elevate them to the next level. For three years, we've been the catalyst for success, helping our winners soar to new heights in the film industry. 

Join us for an unforgettable experience where industry professionals gather to share their wisdom and insights. Make meaningful connections, ignite your creativity, and be part of a community that values true independence and artistic expression.

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